I worked as both a producer and journalist during my time with BFM 89.9 from 2013 to 2016. Over the course of three years, I've worked across three different desks: News & Current AffairsWeekend Supplement and Malay Programming. I had the opportunity to cover topics ranging from politics to culture.


News & Current Affairs


Indonesia - The Region's Dirty Boy

It's been two months since Southeast Asia has been blanketed in thick smoke from the burning peat forests in Indonesia. Recent reports suggest that the haze could last up to the end of the year and beyond, prompting questions over Indonesia's response to this regional environmental crisis. Today, we explore Indonesia’s perspective on the political, economic and diplomatic dimensions of the haze.


Sodomy II - Ground Report

We move into the seventh day of the Sodomy Trial II of what was scheduled to be a two-day long process. We do a quick recap of the chronology of the case that began in mid-2008. Today the defence submits its rebuttal to the prosecution's case. BFM's Aziff Azuddin takes the temperature on the ground, and the anxieties that dominate both camps of supporters.


Gaza - "I Am A Human Shield"

Israel’s "Operation Protective Edge" continues with the Palestinian dead now numbering over 800 with a reported 32 Israeli soldiers dead. The targeting of hospitals and mosques continue. The Red Crescent Society in Gaza reports that 77% of medical facilities are damaged, some of which have been completely destroyed. Today we hear from a peace activist in Gaza, and get an eyewitness account of the scale of destruction rained on the territory some call a concentration camp.


UMNO GA - U-Turn on Sedition

Yesterday, UMNO President Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak dropped a bombshell when he reversed his promise to repeal the Sedition Act, and instead strengthening it with at least two more provisions. While the announcement received a standing ovation from UMNO delegates at the Dewan Merdeka in PWTC, the U-turn was met with mixed reactions from the other Barisan National component parties, the Opposition, and civil liberty groups.


ISIS - Fear of Blowback

In recent months, the Malaysian government has been cracking down on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sympathisers, arresting recruits as they prepared to depart to the Middle-East.But the fear of what returning jihadis will bring back with them is pushing governments in the region to prepare for a possible blowback from the current conflict. Our guests today, a political scientist and communication strategist have been tracking the growth of the militant organisation in the region. We explore push as well as the pull factors in the rise of ISIS.

The Week in Review

"Heist of the Century"

For the past few weeks, Sarawak Report has been running an exposé series on 1MDB. Most prominent of these reports is "Heist of the Century", that received a lot of traction among the public and places a prominent Malaysian financier right in the middle of the web. The exposé series has been used by 1MDB critics and has now propelled into investigations to clear it of the conspiracy surrounding the sovereign wealth fund. We speak to Clare Rewcastle Brown, editor and journalist of the series to get to the story behind the scenes of an investigative effort such as this.


Is There Error in Terror?

Since 9/11, the label "terrorism" has become a journalistic shorthand used to describe political violence by Muslim militant groups. The usage has sparked countless debate among media practitioners whether to be more nuanced or "call it as it is". Recently, a viral memo within Al-Jazeera's newsroom called for the staff to avoid several key words - among them the label "terrorist". We speak to Al-Jazeera to explore the semantics of this controversial word.


Gila-Gila: Satire & The 70s Zeitgeist

Published on the 1st of April, 1978, Gila-Gila Magazine made its mark over the decades as the country's national humour magazine. Famous for its sharp observations of society, Gila-Gila embodied the spirit of self-criticism in stark contrast to the hyper-sensitivities of contemporary times. What changed? And how has satire evolved to deal with a state and society less willing to ask itself hard questions, or even laugh at itself?


MH370 - Flying Through Crisis

For the anniversary of MH370, we explore chapters of "Flying through Crisis", an in-depth study analysing Putrajaya's crisis communication during the tragedy. We flesh out lessons from the reports, sensitivity and uncertainty surrounding the media's response, both local and international.


Pilgrim with the Camera

American broadcast journalist Anisa Mehdi is known for her series of documentaries on the subject of religion. Among them is "Inside Mecca", a National Geographic documentary film that offers an intimate exploration of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. The Week in Review takes the conversation with Anisa Mehdi and trace her experiences in documenting this spiritual journey and her efforts in bridging interfaith discourse.

Bila Larut Malam

Erti Puasa Bagi Saya

Bulan ini membuka peluang kepada masyarakat Muslim untuk beribadah dan muhasabah diri. Sempena bulan yang mulia ini, kita berdialog dengan mereka dari kepercayaan lain untuk mempelajari apakah maksud puasa bagi mereka. Selain itu, kami juga akan menjenguk pilihan-pilihan makanan dan minuman terkini di bazar Ramadhan.


Jagat - Coretan Realiti

"Jagat" ialah filem Tamil tempatan yang memaparkan kisah komuniti masyarakat India di sebuah pekan kecil utara Malaysia pada sekitar awal 90-an. Paparan masyarakat dalam filem ini telah mendapat pujian orang ramai. Kami bercakap dengan pengarah filem tersebut untuk memahami inspirasi beliau dalam pembikinan filem ini, serta realiti komuniti tersebut. Selain itu, kami juga membedah konsep gentrifikasi dan ujian personaliti.


Gelandangan Kota

Disebalik bangunan-bangunan pencakar langit yang tersergam indah, simbol kemajuan yang pesat, terdapat golongan-golongan yang berkeliaran tanpa hala tuju. Mereka digelar golongan gelandangan, dan nasib mereka terumbang-ambing. Syed Azmi Alhabshi menceritakan kisah mereka. Selain itu, malam yang hening juga memberi peluang kepada hos-hos Bila Larut Malam untuk memahami emosi perpindahan dari kampung ke bandar, dan pupusnya peluang menemui benda baru dalam pembacaan akhbar digital.


Liar & Angkuh!

Pada 10 Mei 2016, dunia buku alternatif dikejutkan dengan pengumuman persaraan yang dibuat bekas CEO DuBook Press, Mutalib Uthman. Sementara beliau bersiap untuk meninggalkan hasil buah fikirannya yang kini mekar menjadi sebahagian daripada wacana kritis dan kreatif dalam dunia bacaan Malaysia, kami berbual dengannya untuk mendengar cerita dan pengalaman beliau. Selain itu, kami juga membincangkan persahabatan dalam fasa dewasa, dan telefon awam.



Semua orang mempunyai impian untuk hidup selesa. Kadang kala, kesempitan dan cabaran hidup memaksa kita untuk melakukan sesuatu di luar jangkaan, untuk mengubah nasib. Dan bila kita terdesak, garisan geografi bukan lagi menjadi penghalang. Sebahagian rakyat Malaysia masa kini cuba menaruh nasib mencari rezeki dengan memetik buah-buahan di bumi Australia. Pulangan yang dijanjikan boleh jadi lumayan, sekiranya keringat diperah dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Tetapi, ianya tidak akan datang bergolek. Pelbagai cabaran ada, namun bagi mereka yang benar-benar percaya dan rela, itu tidak menjadi halangan. Bila Larut Malam cuba mencari cerita disebalik fenomena ini.

The Weekend Supplement


Scottish electro pop band Chvrches are in town and we sit down to discuss their ideas on music consumption and avenues for release.

Then we attend a very rare event, a Chetti wedding in Malacca. The Chetti people are a small community sometimes referred to as Indian Peranakans, are they able to hold on to their district cultural practices in a sea of external influences?

And finally as the church bells and wedding fanfare die down we explore the difference between solitude and loneliness and a couple of stories from Zedeck Siew.


Hidden in Plain Sight

Under the bustling surface of the city, we rarely notice the foreign help who take care of our children, build our cities and serve us meals. Today, we talk to the people who came over to 'greener grass' and turn the wheels of our nation.

From an Indonesian cafe owner on the hardships of making it in the city to the struggles of an odd-job worker and a former inmate who rebuilds his life after doing time behind bars.


Silent Night

Tonight we cast a wide net sampling human experiences from the silent reflection of the Balinese new year’s celebration “Nyepi”, to contemplating life behind the iron curtain of North Korea. Along the way we make a much needed pit stop at a writers bar in Chiang Mai. Recent artillery shots fired across the western sea border between North and South Korea triggers our fascination over what seems like a historical anomaly, a nation so cut of from the world, so hermetic that it seems frozen in time and space.

We hear from multiple perspectives, from the man who makes a living impersonating Kim Jong-Un to former New York Times correspondent turned political tour organizer who brings travelers behind the 38th parallel, and finally the view from their neighbours and cousins in the South.


Cities Within Cities

A city is a breathing living, constantly changing organism, that’s made up of many smaller interconnected parts: streets, neighborhoods, parks, malls. Today we explore spaces in the city that are like worlds unto themselves, from a displaced leper community to the kampong that remains in the shadows of a bright new development, from a suburban slum to the florescent lit corridors of a mall that’s seen better days, we look for cities within cities.


Cinema Paradiso

We sit together in the dark watching the flickering screen ahead of us, as this week we explore the evolving art of cinema-going in the Klang Valley: from feminist screenings to the still thriving Tamil movie theaters.